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Welcome to the end of your sanity.

Within this world you will find stories. They will be our gift to you, preserved through the eons.

In these pages the monsters do not skulk in the shadows. They rule this world, and their movements shake the earth.


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What is this place?

Mortis Maledictum is a novel told through stories. It is episodic in nature and will at times, include guest stories from some very skilled writers and actors outside our team.

Every episode written is hand-crafted and brought to life by our stupendously talented Narrators, Audio Engineers, and Artists.

We know people consume content in any manner of a thousand ways, so we're doing our part to meet you wherever you want to be. 

If you want to watch, we're on YouTube.

If you want to listen, we're on half a dozen podcast providers.

If you want to read, we're on kindle Vella.

And most of all, you can access every one of our formats from here too.

and if you're looking for cool merch, paperbacks, art books, or prints... Well, we've got that too.

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