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Dangerous Tongues - Chullachaqui

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

At what point does knowledge become power? That key moment when life and breath are met with intent; when words are born. And like the birth of a star, such events can be seen as new beginnings or cataclysmic disasters.

In the dense jungles of Peru, many secrets have been taken back by nature. Thick roots and moss blanket the ground as the canopy wards against prying eyes. In the jungle, humanity has come and gone more times than anyone can remember. Entire civilizations are lost. What better setting for a story of Incan mythology spreading the lost words that lead to Paititi? The Chullachaqui is a demon of the jungle who can change it's form to that of animals and lead it's victims deep into the jungle. It's tempts them with wealth, luck, power, whatever they desire. It infects them with "dangerous tongues". The words lost to time, filled with power and intent. The weak willed are consumed by the ancient tongues, and the strong are changed. Few who follow it are ever seen again, and the few who make it out alive are never the same. We follow Quinn O'Connell, nd investigator sent to locate a missing team of archeologists. His journey leads him through the dense jungles of Peru as he picks up on a trail of notes and bodies. Something feels wrong as he descends into a deep cave system and finds more than the missing team.

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