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Mountain words of Parnassus

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Time marches, seasons change, youth fades, but the mountain stands. Like a great tower feeding the rivers of the world, the mountain always stands. From the peak above the clouds it sees all and whispers it's portents to those fated to hear it. But fate is often misconstrued as simple bad luck, especially when it comes with such a high price as grief.

Many myths and legends are born from the mountains of ancient Greece. Mt. Parnassus has it's fair share. Stories of vile serpents poisoning the rivers, stories of prophetic plague maidens, stories of ancient powers gathering at the peak, of evil rituals, and mythology dating back to the dawn of human civilization. When two hikers decide to head up the mountains alone, their need for exploration and curiosity got the better of them. Some say it was all bad luck, some say it was meant to be, and some say stories like this are meant to be lessons on not waking ancient powers and stirring mythological cults. Fate and prophecy have a strange way of blending with horror and tragedy.

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Mortis Maledictum is cataloging the stories lost to the eons. Original cosmic horror stories meant to enthrall your imagination, with original artwork to help guide the senses down these dark paths. Join us as we give you new and exciting tales frequently and without mercy. Liking, commenting, and subscribing helps us spread the word...

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"Valiant, Locate the dried ink of languages lost and futures known only to this sisterhood within the web and weave of the author’s hand. Pass through the gate with the gold in the censor."


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