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Read Chapter 24: The End of All But Hope

Chapter 24:

“We continue this news broadcast to bring you all the information we have gathered so far about the cataclysmic events happening not just around the country, but around the world. We have reports of stampedes of tens of thousands of animals running out of the wilderness in South Africa. There, they all flooded into Cape Town, and then raced into the sea, destroying millions of South African Rands’ worth of property. The government has released no statement about the stampedes, the damage, what happened to the animals, or the names of the people injured. But our estimates number over two thousand.”

“In other places around the world, monster sightings have spiked. The Scandinavian pantheons, who many believed kept to themselves among their population, have left their domains. People last spotted them fighting strange creatures in the streets of an Italian town.”

“The descriptions of the strange creatures match other reports from the Appalachian mountain range in America. There, a small heavily armed town attempted to fight off an incursion of the creatures. The American military has since surrounded the mountain passes down out of the town. The last radio communication said there were hundreds of monsters made of black smoke and mist. They changed forms and attacked without provocation.”

Everyone abandoned me. I couldn’t blame them. After everything we had tried to do and all they gave to stop Anansi and the Mortis, I failed. The gods and monsters had only gone with the plan because I held the Malus Bastion and had the word of The Archivist backing me up. Now, even they couldn’t convince them to stay. The Archivist was beyond my reach just when I needed them most.

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