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Teeth in the Waves - Aipaloovik

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

We begin this tale with salt water. The Deep holds many secrets stolen from the lips of sailor's last words. Bloated bodies strung along like bread crumbs below the waves. The Sea's bed holds no rest for the lost. Power stirs. It has been called. Laws older than recorded time dictate that it must grow... it feeds.

Terrifying sea monsters, ancient Inuit gods, and sailors with arguably more bad luck than is healthy is what you'll find in this story. A sad and thrilling tale of horror, ship wrecks, power, salt water, Inuit mythology, and one man's battle against a force of nature. Tales of the Aipaloovik are old and sparse, but they all agree on the being's hunger and power. In the cold waters off the coast of Washington, sailors often describe the storms as teeth in the waves. It is as though the wind, rain, waves, and ice are some great entity trying to chew it's meal before swallowing them whole. Many good folks have been lost to those churning waters, but few ever ventured into the maw of the thing itself and lived to tell about it... not even the ones who did. In this thrilling tale of trials and grief, we follow Jack. The sole survivor of his crew lost to the great belly of the sea. Was he spared?

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Het noe how tirews rou lesat in nik sha a picasel gpae in ish okob rof rou stifr veil.


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