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The Dark Wilds

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Some personalities want it all. Their greed knows no end. No desire unsated, no prize lost, no opportunity squandered. But often the heavy crown of your own ambition prevents your gaze from lifting skyward... and seeing how small you truly are.

"Don't go into the woods at night." There's something about the deep woods that fill us with horror and dread. There is something in the trees and dark wilds, eyes watching, twigs snapping, a scream of something inhuman... or worse. We've all heard the stories of hunters and hikers going off on the trails and deep forests for the sake of a good trophy or satisfy their urge to explore. But we've also all heard the countless stories about people going missing in those woods. Have you heard of the Tuzsemek? There's something out there. Their eyes shine in the moon, locked onto you, unblinking, unmoving, perfectly still. They wait for you to turn your head, look away, or start to run. So you freeze and stare back, but in the back of your mind you know you're right where it wants you. Deep in the Hungarian woods of the Bükk Mountains, we follow 4 hunters who are about to learn how cruel irony can be.

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Mortis Maledictum is cataloging the stories lost to the eons. Original cosmic horror stories meant to enthrall your imagination, with original artwork to help guide the senses down these dark paths. Join us as we give you new and exciting tales frequently and without mercy. Liking, commenting, and subscribing helps us spread the word...

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