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Unquiet Dead

Treasure hunting can be a dangerous business. There are monsters out past the edge of civilized society. Most keep to themselves unless the unwary disturb them. Then, the strength they can bring to bear against interlopers can be staggering. Be careful treading among ancient stones.

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NOTE: We are really excited to announce that the story has finally grown enough of an audience that we are at the point where we can offset some of the costs to create these episodes. The team plans to put in some small advertisements in either the beginning or end of the stories on all of our podcast episodes. We know that may make some people crinkle their noses and grimace, but so far Devin has been burning through his wallet keeping the production going, and we want him to keep writing instead of living under a bridge. The team is super excited that we've finally broken through this barrier and look forward to where we can go from here.

Listen to the episodes on Spotify or read (ahead) here or on Kindle Vella


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