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Meet the Malusi

Here's the team behind Mortis Maledictum.

Brandon McCamey


Brandon paints your nightmares and manifests them onto the page. He also likes hyping up whatever video game has struck his fancy. Brandon works waaay too much and, according to his nephew he drinks too many monsters.

Jeremiah John


JJ was born and raised in North London, grew to develop a love for engineering and the arts. Part time streamer, engineer, graphic designer and voice over artist it's safe to say the hobby hands are pretty full. Somewhat musically inclined but he never had the time to fully immerse himself in the field. On a mission to bring as much joy, happiness and feel good vibes in a world that amplifies the opposite.


Lawrence Lyons

Audio Engineer

Maryland-born, Lawrence’s background in sound comes from his music work as a recording artist which began when he was 16 years old. His goal has always been to tell stories. He is 1/5 of the group known as Havik under the name “Lost Angel” and is also an accomplished solo artist as well. Outside of creating, gaming & streaming, he simply enjoys time with those he cares for and cherishes, and always has a thirst for more.

Devin McCamey


Devin loves playing with unique settings and rich atmospheres. He's never seen a trope he wouldn't subvert.

Devin always says the goal of reading is to sit down with a dead, tattooed tree in your hands and hallucinate. If you aren't, its the author's fault.


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